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His and Hers Honey with fresh royal jelly, organic fenugreek, and Canadian ginseng combined with NutraBee's pure, unprocessed Canadian honey.

His & Hers Honey

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Low energy levels seem to be a common fact in today's modern, fast paced lifestyle. Having low energy makes everyday tasks long and difficult to manage. Our relationships suffer, simple activities that made us happy when we had an abundance of natural energy aren't possible due to our low energy levels now.

His & Hers Honey adds fresh royal jelly to certified organic fenugreek and Canadian ginseng (USDA and OPCC/Pro Cert. Canada) for a gourmet honey for both men and women to enjoy.

NutraBee™ has enhanced the natural properties of the herbs in His & Hers Honey by using only pure, unprocessed Canadian honey, for a great-tasting, gourmet honey. Ideal for wedding gifts.

Contains No Artificial Additives, Sweeteners, Colours or Flavors.

How to Use

  • Add to warm water for an energizing drink.
  • Delicious straight off the spoon or spread on toast.
  • Add to your favorite smoothie or shake. 

Honey Health Tip

For a quick pick-me-up, fill a PBA-free water bottle water. Add 1 tsp. of His & Hers honey with organic fenugreek, fresh royal jelly and pure Canadian ginseng, shake and drink as needed.

His & Hers Honey Product Information

Regular Size: 350 g / 12.35 oz. Serving size, 1 teaspoon (10 g). Servings per jar, 35.

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