Founded in 2000 by Mrs.Bee (Fatima Basic) with assistance of husband, Saban, NutraBee™ Pure Gourmet Honey Products is a family run business providing healthy 100% pure unprocessed Canadian honey and bee products. 

nutraBee Pure Gourmet Honey Products contain 100% pure unprocessed Canadian honey.Mrs Bee NutraBee

 Originally, the company carried only one product, Bee Active a honey-herb formula developed by Mrs. Bee who discovered the remarkable healing abilities of raw honey after a devastating accident.  Inspired by the diligent honeybee, her journey to health is told in The NutraBee Story.

Today, NutraBee has several product lines - all containing 100% pure unprocessed Canadian honey.  Besides Bee Active with12 certified-organic herbs, they’ve developed Bee Strong with organic Ceylon Cinnamon and Immuno Bee with Black Seed.

Incorporating raw honey with other bee products, NutraBee also offers: Bee Beautiful with royal jelly, Bee Guard with propolis, and Buzz Off with raw bee pollen. 

Always ahead of the latest research, Mrs. Bee has also developed Bee Heart Healthy, a pure monoculture buckwheat honey containing wild blueberry extract. The company also carries Mountain Gold Wildflower Honey and NutraBee Raw Honeycomb.

 “Our goal is a simple one: my friendship with honeybees helped me regain my health.  Now, I am helping others improve their health.  Our Bee Friendly NutraBee products are healthy honeys that contain no pesticide or antibiotic residue and no corn syrup or other additives ,” says Mrs. Bee. “Our quality control starts from the pesticide-free apiary we source.  We then handcraft small batches to maintain the flavour and nutritional profile of the raw honey.  I guarantee that once you taste the difference of NutraBee 100% pure unprocessed honey, this is the only honey you’ll have on your table.  This is real honey as nature intended. ”

If you have any questions, need assistance with your order, or require further information, please contact us at or call toll-free, 1-905-227-6618.  We respond to all messages within 24hrs.